Joe Turnbull - Keyboards, Vocals


Joe's musical adventures began at an early age in Hawaii. He started piano lessons before kindergarten, continued until age 9, and by age 11, had discovered the blues. That changed everything!


He hooked up with some other musicians, and by age 15 had graduated to playing nightclubs with professional bands. Becoming one of the regular and most sought after players in the local Hawaiian music scene. Joe recalls: "One of my first regular gigs, was at the Tiki Club with Chico David and the Cosmic Flames. Chico David was this old black guitar player. Who had played with EVERYONE in the 50's and 60's inculding Ray Charles, James Brown, Sam Cooke and numerous others. It was at this gig that I got to play with Lou Rawls. From then on, I stayed constantly booked for over 10 years."


Joe joined the original southern rock band Rebel Storm in October of 2001. Joe said it was musical love at first sight. Joe added a new dimension to Rebel Storm's music. Ripping solos on the piano and organ while adding harmonizing vocals to many of Rebel Storm's tunes. Joe was heavily featured on the band's last release "The Hard Way". Joe filled in as keyboardist for Whiskey Creek in years past. He enthusiastically accepted the full time position in January of 2005.