Donny Paycheck - Drums


Donny Paycheck Has been playing drums from a young age, his mother and father where musicians and played locally and nationally in the cover band Heritage who he joined as a teenager at the age of 16 to 19 he toured Canada three times and played many local clubs. Later he played in other local bands original and cover acts.


He is a founding member of the band Zeke formed in 93. He toured and recorded with Zeke extensively 10 months out of the year worldwide for over fifteen years, touring with great bands like Motorhead, Metalica, Pearl Jam, C.O.C. Iron Maiden just to name a few. Also toured playing with Toxic Holocaust (Relapse Records) and Bob Wayne & The Outlaw Carnies (Century Media Records)


He is also credited for recording with: Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam on the Ramones tribute album "We're a Happy Family" (Columbia). Amy Nelson (Willie Nelson's daughter) on the soundtrack for the "Gift" (Will Records). "Camarosmith" (Dead Teenager Records) 2008 Toxic Holocaust release, "An Overdose of Death" (Relapse Records).


Most Notable Releases

* 2008, Toxic Holocaust, Overdose of Death, on Relapse Records

* 2007, Zeke, Kings of the Highway, on Relapse Records

* 2006, Zeke, Zeke, PPS 10" Split (Euro Release) on Bitzcore Records

* 2004, Zeke, Til' The Livin' End , on Relapse Records

* 2003, Eddie Vedder, We're A Happy Family, on Sony Records

* 2002, Camraosmith, Camarosmith ,on Dead Teenager Records

* 2002, Zeke, Live and Uncensored, on Dead Teenagaer Records

* 2001, Zeke, Death Alley, on Aces and Eights/Sub Pop Records

* 2000, Amy Nelson,The Gift Soundtrack, on Will Records

* 2000, Zeke, Free The West Memphis 3, on Kotch Records

* 1999, Zeke, Dirty Sanchez, on Epitaph Records

* 1999, Zeke, True Crime (Aus Release), Corderoy Records

* 1998, Zeke, Kicked in the Teeth, on Epitaph Record

* 1996, Zeke, Flat Tracker, on Scooch Pooch/Sub Pop records

* 1994, Zeke, Supersound Racing, on Scooch Pooch/Sub Pop records