Beverly Nelson - Back Up and Lead Vocals


All I've ever wanted to do so since I was a kid is sing’ĶI have sang everything from Punk Rock to Bluegrass. I fronted bands such as Nobody for a few years in the early 90's playing many shows opening for bands like Zeke, MDC and UK Subs. In the mid to late 90's I fronted a funk/blues band called Dog Would. Then finally I sang along with The Custodians (known as Beverly and The Custodians) until 2004 where we mostly just played and recorded for fun seeing as how we had a recording studio in the house. My ex and I enjoyed playing bluegrass and country standards for fun anytime and anywhere we could, even if it was just for the dog (she enjoyed it very much).


What can I say, other than I have always wanted to be in a band that actually plays Free Bird for real. So when I was offered a chance to do just that, with some of the Northwest's finest musicians mind you, I took it. I look forward to all of the good times and great rock-n-roll!